Thessaloniki (Salonic ) is the capital of Macedonia and the second largest city of Greece. Kassandra Thessaloniki was built in honor of Alexander the Great’s sister, named Thessaloniki. Contains a rich ancient history, attention is attracted tourists monuments of Roman and Byzantine periods. It also includes the archaeological museum where there is marmantul of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Every year in this city international exhibition takes place science, technology and culture. For visitors to the city are available at museums and other tourist attractions, the city symbol of the White Tower.

You can explore Thessaloniki by mini train

Hop in the train and have fun exploring the city and enjoying the sunshine. The Start and End point is at White Tower.
Sight Seeing Thessaloniki by train takes you on an exciting journey! Discover unique monuments and archeological places on an about 45 minute ride: the guided tour through the historic center of Thessaloniki.

The costs are about 4 Euro/ adults and 2 Euro for childrens.

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