Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus – Greek Gods house

Greek peninsula north central area is dominated by the great massif Olymp. Four of its peaks exceed 2800m, the highest peak Mitikas, with 2971m altitude. Mount Olympus is the sign of ancient Greece, the place where they lived the 12 gods in Greek mythology present. The natural conditions of the region have created a unique beauty of Mount Olympus.

Mount Olympus is highest mountain in Greece and the second highest mountain in the Balkans. The terrain contains many charming and splendid features amongst which are sheer rocky peaks, deep gorges, alpine fields and thick forest all combining to create the rare magic of Mount Olympus. In total there are 52 peaks ranging from altitudes of 760 m to 2918 m which combined with the sheer ravines create scenes of unique beauty.

The average temperature in the winter ranges from -20° C to +10° C and in the summer from 0° C to 20° C, though this is not to say that there are not some exceptions that fall outside these ranges. Every 100 m up Mount Olympus the temperature drops by approximately half a degree. Thus if at sea level the temperature is 20° C at the same time on Mytikas Peak (2918 m) the temperature will be approximately 5° C. Strong winds are a common phenomenon on Mount Olympus.

Resources: Management Agency of Olympus National Park

At the foot of Olympus, 5km away from the sea shore lies Dion, the holy city of Macedonia. The city’s name is closely linked to the name of the god Zeus Olympic. In honor of King Archelaos has built a temple, which was to become a religious center for the Macedonians. Temple was destroyed by an earthquake, was later used by Alexander the Great to organize his departure for Asia.

In Nei Pori you can visit Mount Olymp appealing to one of the travel agencies in the area, which offers sightseeing programs for a cost of about 10-15 Euros, depending on the chosen program.
We will visit the Monastery of St. Dionysus, built somewhere in the middle of the sixteenth century, in the mountain. It will continue to shift Litochoro, a small town built on the site of ancient settlements Pimplea, situated on the left bank of the river Enipeas at the base of Olympus. Next we will visit the Paleo Panteleimonas, a genuine old Greek village, built largely of stone.

Mount Olympus documentary

American documentary on Olympus and Elassona with NASA participation!
This is the first television tribute to the mountain of the Gods, of the Greek – American organization Ellopia Media Group, based in New York, in collaboration with the PBS network of American public television.

The mini documentary refers to the history of Olympus. With NASA’s contribution, the documentary includes footage from satellite, but also from the mountain / Volcano Island located on the planet Mars.

This documentary has something special: guides us through the mountain of Gods from the hand of Elassona. For “it is called:” Elassona: The secret path to mount Olympus “(“Elassona: the secret path to the mountain”. “It’s an opportunity to show the beauty of Greece. The Olympus is probably the most recognised mountain in the world and sadly the Greece has made special efforts to project outwards,”says the Director.