Skiathos Island

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Trip to Skiathos Island

Skiathos trip will bring you down to one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, Koukounaries beach. Awarded the Blue Flag beach delicacy that enchants the emerald water of the Aegean Sea merges with fine sand and pine forests.

Skiathos history, Latin forms: Sciathos and Sciathus is a small island in the Aegean Sea belonging to Greece. Near Skopelos, it consists of the main town (also called Skiathos) and the communities of Koukounaries, Kanapitsa, Vromolimnos and Troulos. Skiathos is the westernmost island in the Northern Sporades group of islands. The mainland of Greece and Magnesia are to the west. The name of the island dates back to ancient times.

The island of Skiathos has 70 beaches all around it. Skiathos Town port ferry services connect to Skopelos, Volos, Agios Konstantinos and the rest of Greece.

The Municipality of Skíathos includes the islands of Tsougria and Tsougriaki, and of the islets of Maragos, Arkos, Troulonisi and Aspronisi. The islands total land area consists of 49.898 km². Its largest towns are Skíathos (pop. 4,988 in 2001), Kánemos (195), Kalývia (179), Troúllos (159), and Koukounariés (126).

The movie Skiathos Mamma Mia was partially filmed on Skiathos and nearby island Skopelos.

Much of the island is forested. The area around the villages and Skiathos Town are farmland. The island’s forests are pine and are located in the southeastern part of the island. The island of Skopelos can be seen from Skiathos with the more distant islands of Euboea and Scyros also visible in clearer conditions. The mountaintop, which has a communications tower, is to the west. The slope of the hill is to the north and contains several valleys.

The island is linked to mainland Greece with sea routes from Thessaloniki, Volos and Agios Konstantinos and also to the rest of the Sporades (all by hydrofoil, Hellenic Seaways). There also exists an airport at the northeast of the island, Skiathos Island National Airport.

Koukounaries beach is awarded the blue flag and fully deserves its distinction and reputation. It is covered with fine golden sand and protected by pine forests dressed in a green so strong that it seems to drain the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach is decorated with modern facilities which include wooden deckchairs equipped with mattresses, thatched umbrellas, three points for those who want to practice water sports, three taverns and two stands which sell soft drinks, cigarettes, snacks etc. Skiathos policy to all beaches should practice the same price for those who want to rent two chairs and an umbrella: ~ 8€. The beach has a length of 2 km around her being able to find many hotels, restaurants and bars. Behind them, you can find Strofilia Lake and a park where you can admire an impressive variety of species of plants and birds.