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Welcome to Nei Pori guide for holidays in Greece. Find the info you need for accomodation, tourist attraction and daily interest. Guide to Nei Pori villas, apartments or hotels rooms, informations about visiting this place for summer holidays.

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5 reason to choose Nei Pori beach

  1. Perfect beach for everybody
    Excellent clean water and good fine sand make from Nei Pori one of the best locations.
  2. Easy to reach location
    Nei Pori is easy to access from the main roads or by train stations.
  3. A quiet place
    A lot of peolpe have allready choose Nei Pori for holidays because of his tranquility
  4. Plenty of restaurants and taverns
    Greek food at its best can be meet in every tavern and restaurant in Nei Pori
  5. Excelent rate for accomodation services
    Look at the facilities and rooms rates and you will agree that Nei Pori became a very good destination for your holidays.
Nei Pori beach at dusk

Daily interests in Nei Pori

A successful vacation is accompanied by various related services needed every day, such as restaurants, cafes or other services. See some of these daily interests that we recommend in Nei Pori.

Restaurant in Nei Pori - Barbeque

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About Nei Pori

An excellent place for your holidays, Nei Pori is located to the southwest of Central Macedonia (Greece) in the Pieria region, just south of Thessaloniki. The most suthern beach of Pieria is in the Nei Pori resort and which is almost 5 km long. This beach offers tourists clean, safe and unpolluted waters and it is rewarded with “The Blue Flag” for its perfect services. The Aegean Sea is warm, crystal clear and sallow along the coast.

The conditions for water sports and for beach sports are perfect. There are a lot of beach bars on the beach but there are also free umbrellas and chairs for everyone to enjoy.

Visit Platamon / Platamonas

You can visit the Platamon harbour, spend some time fishing or enjoy greek cuisine at one of local taverns. Platamonas can be reached by foot after a walk on the beach side or the road alley after 30-40 minutes (3,5 Km).

You can also take the city mini-train from Nei Pori to Platamonas for about 3 Euro/ person.

Platamon Castle. Platamona - Greece
Platamon Castle. Platamona – Greece
Platamon Castle. Platamona - Greece

Platamon Castle

The castle is located in a strategic positon, at the exit of the Tempi valey and it controls the route from Macedonia to Thessaly and to Southern Greece. This place is the location of the ancient city of Heraclia. The name Platamon appears for the first time in an imperial order of 1198 but, most probably, there was already a Byzantine castle there, since the 10th century.