Nei Pori is located to the southwest of Central Macedonia (Greece), an excellent place for your holidays. Nei Pori beach has a legendary clean sea water with a perfect sand, a lot of restaurants and taverns with great food. Find apartments and hotel rooms in Nei Pori here, general info about Nei Pori and places to visit nearby.

5 reason to choose Nei Pori Beach

  • 1

    Perfect beach for everybody

    Excellent clean water and good fine sand make from Nei Pori one of the best locations.

  • 2

    Easy to reach location

    Nei Pori is easy to access from the main roads or by train stations.

  • 3

    Quiet place

    A lot of peolpe have allready choose Nei Pori for holidays because of his tranquility

  • 4

    Plenty of restaurants and taverns

    Greek food at its best can be meet in every tavern and restaurant in Nei Pori

  • 5

    Excelent rate for accomodation services

    Look at the facilities and rooms rates and you will agree that Nei Pori became a very good destination for your holidays.

Nei Pori Beach

Other suggestions for mini trips

Tempi Valley and the Pineos River

(15 km) with the Agia Paraskevi church. Boat cruise over the river through the gorge. Hiking to the watchtower of the castle above the gorge with wonderful views.

The villages Rapsani / Ambelakia

Rapsani (wine) and Ambelakia (food) (10-20 km) on both sides of the Tempi Valley.

Mount Olymp

(25-40 km), walk through the Enipeas gorge, visit to Prionia at 1500 mtr.

Thessaloniki (Salonic)

(120 km) with its many archeological sites, churches, museums, the old fortif ied town plus the white tower, many boulevard seaside cafe's and lively commercial centre.


Cars Rentals / Moto & ATV Rentals / Bike Rentals

You have multiple options for rental cars, moto and bikes rental in Nei Pori. Generaly speaking for renting a type a vehicle you will have to sign an agrement with the renting bussines owner. The prices various depending of time period, numbers of days. To make an ideea about renting prices we can give you an example:

  •  Small car rental (Toyota Yaris) - 45 Euro/ 24 hours.
  •  Moto scuter rental - 20 Euro/ 24 hours.
  •  Bike rental - 10 Euro/ 24 hours.
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Do you like greek food?

Beside presenting some of local restaurants, taverns, and bakery here in Nei Pori, in this page you can find also some of popular greek food recipes, ready to try at home waiting for the hot seazon!

If you are allready in Nei Pori don`t forget the Friday Bazar an animated market that take place in every friday in the north of the Nei Pori town. A lot of fruits, vegetables, clothes and other staff.

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Visit Platamonas, Greece

Visit Platamon (Platamonas)

You can visit the Platamon harbour, spend some time fishing or enjoy greek cuisine at one of local taverns. Platamonas can be reached by foot after a walk on the beach side or the road alley after 30-40 minutes (3,5 Km). You can also take the city mini-train from Nei Pori to Platamonas for about 3 Euro/ person.

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Platamon Castle in the morning

Platamon Castle

The castle is located in a strategic positon, at the exit of the Tempi valey and it controls the route from Macedonia to Thessaly and to Southern Greece. This place is the location of the ancient city of Heraclia. The name Platamon appears for the first time in an imperial order of 1198 but, most probably, there was already a Byzantine castle there, since the 10th century.

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About Nei Pori

The Pieria region, situated in the Central Macedonian county, just south of Thessaloniki, is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in Greece. Pieria offers tourists 16 gorgeous beaches that strech along almost 70 km of coastline. The most suthern beach of Pieria is in the Nei Pori resort and which is almost 5 km long. Nei Pori offers tourists clean, safe and unpolluted waters. The beach was rewarded "The Blue Flag" for its perfect services. The Aegean Sea is warm, crystal clear and sallow along the coast. The conditions are perfect for water sports and for beach sports. There are a lot of beach bars on the beach but there are also free umbrellas and chairs for everyone to enjoy. The beach bars offer between-meal refreshments, fruit, coffee and tea. Take a look at this page dedicated to restaurants and taverns in Nei Pori. The sand is fine and there are no rocks at all. It is also very clean and there are no algae. Everyone can practice beach sports as there are a lot of furnished playgrounds right on the beach. You can find here informations about hotels, studios or apartments in Nei Pori.

Nei Pori panorama

Nei Pori, a former fishing village, recently transformed into a modern and stylish resort is situated at the foot of the legendary Olympus. Exotic vegetation, imposing image of the mountain and crystal clear sea water make Nei Pori a fairytale land. The beach of Nei Pori is one of the most beautiful in Greece and is very large, being rated as a Blue Flag, the highest European rating in the field. It is very wide, ranging between 50 and 80-100 meters and has 5 kilometers long, very airy. The water is clear and free of algae, green shades. The beach has a smooth entry into the water and thus is ideal for families with children, the bottom is sand, not rocks. It is divided into areas for different activities: sports (volleyball, football), comfortable sun beds and umbrellas or wood mushrooms and free space for the beach. Nei Pori is the southernmost resort in the region known as Olympus Riviera. Also follow this link to find Nei Pori hotel accomodation.

Place to visit near Nei Pori

As a tourist, you will certainly not be bored!
City Dion - located at the foot of Mount Olympus. The name comes from the imported shrine to Zeus Dias - which translates as "Zeus". It is a city built by Macedonians, being a sacred place dedicated to Zeus and his daughters, the 9 Muses, in whose honor the fake festive. The archaeological site includes temple dedicated to Zeus, the Greek theater, the sanctuary of Isis (Egyptian goddess being preferred Alexander the Great) and the sanctuary of the goddess Demeter, sister of the great Zeus. Platamonas Castle - located in the south of Mount Olympus, dating from the 10th century en the Byzantine period. Was a strategic position in the past, having to control the route Macedonia, Thessaly, Greece South. It was built on the territory of the ancient city of Herakleion. From the view is impressive castle, which is located high on a hill facing the sea. Read more about Platamon Castle here. For more places to visit near Nei Pori, take a look at this page.

Platamon Castle

Mount Olympus was regarded in ancient abode of the gods and is the highest in Greece (vf. Mytikas, 2918 m) and also obtained the first National Park, is an ecosystem protected by law. Mount abundance of trees and plant species (about 1,700 species), some are very rare. June and September are the best of the year for those who want to climb the mountain peaks.
Church of St. Dionysus was built in 16th century by Agios Dionisios, a hermit who lived in a cave nearby and is a popular place of pilgrimage for the inhabitants of Central Macedonia. Church impresses with works of art of great value. Makrigialos archaeological site is one of the largest sites of the Neolithic period and consists of a villa during the Minoan civilization. Construction dimensions are 4 times lower than those of the famous Minoan palace of Knossos, Phaistos, Malia and Zakros, which resembles the columns and rectangular courtyard, but also contains unique architectural elements.

From Nei Pori can easily reach Meteora. But we'll talk about this sacred place dedicated a separate article. Read more about Meteora Monasteries here. We devoted a separate article Old Panteleimon (Paleos Pantaleimonas) village, the charming picturesque appearance.